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Tipped Nylon & Boar Bristle. Ceramic Barrel.

Revolutionary fully vented cushion design

BEARD BRUSH: Lightweight 100% boar bristle.

Smoothie: Infused nylon promotes smooth, shiny, healthy hair.

Glider: Glides through hair for easy styling.

XL: Extended Length Barrel for Easier Pick Up.

Ultralight: Seamless handle. Germ protection.

LIGHT TOUCH 1: Oval Cushion. Contour handle.

LIGHT TOUCH 6: Twin Beaded. Rectangular Handle.

LIGHT TOUCH 6-P: Purse Size. Multiple Colors.

VORTEXX 4000: Anti-static. Ceramic core.


Flat, vented, round or ceramic? The long and short of it is you need to choose the right brush for your hair and Phillips brush has it!

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Based in Cleveland, Ohio – Phillips Brush travels the world in search of the latest technologies to incorporate into our line of products.